Dhoom 3: The worst Indian Circus

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Horribly funny, incredibly foolish.

I wonder where have Bollywood movies taken Action these days? The latest addition to my disappointment list is Dhoom 3. I have had lost all the hopes on Bollywood action movies, but after Dhoom 3, I owe I would never watch a Bollywood action movie again. Here are the things that would surely disappoint you when you walk in and out of the movie. (This ain’t a spoiler, so please don’t mind reading it, if you’ve watched the movie, laugh along with me.)

1. The incredible SUPER-Bike

The first thing you would notice in the movie is the bike. BMW K 1200 R. The bike has super power of folding handles, turning into water boat, driven on rope, and most awesome of all… two bikes join together to come an airplane kind of thing. I seldom think there is any such bike on face of earth that has all these super power. Please mention in comment if you know any.

2. Pity the VFX

If you are confused what I’m talking about, watch the trailer scene where Aamir is running down the building. The funny thing is that his foot barely touches the wall of the building. No offence to VFX team who work so hard to render those frames but when you are releasing a movie with such a hype, I expect near reality experience. I’m sorry but the wheels of bikes running over hero’s head and missing his face by a centimeter. Bitch Please! Get something new, get something real.

3. Exceptionally boring fighting scene and never ending bike chase

Abhishek Bachan seems to have owed to his dad not to leave behind his legacy. You’ll find Abhishek fighting in very first scene like his dad did in 70’s. The fighting scene feel like being stolen from some telgu movie. The auto riksha that flies like it had wings. The walls that are so built to break when some villain hits it. Please pardon me for this spoiler, Abhi’shake’ becomes Krishh for 30 seconds in the movie. Where in flies off the bike kills the villain and flies back on the bike. (Applause please). There are strict orders to the Police not to fire, though they hurl the gun in every second scene. Only one bullet is fired in entire movie. Now for a record that is something really new in Bollywood movie. The bike scene?? I would suggest you to go back and watch Dhoom 1! It was something real and nerve wracking.

4. I Respect you Aamir – But Please NO!

I’ve loved Aamir Khan’s acting since his very first movie. In fact his acting is incredible in Dhoom 3 too. But there is a leak. Most of the dialogue took me from serious mood of the movie to remind me of 3 Idiots. His style of delivering dialogue did disappoint me for sometime. Yet Aamir is Aamir he stands out like he always does. Aamir, please go back at doing what you do best. You have no business in action movies. Make some sensible movies like you always do.

5. A middle finger to the script

Pardon me for saying that. I’m too disappointed. With Yash Raj being face of the Indian cinema, you at least expect a good story line even while it miserably fails at Action and VFX! The missing links, the unnecessary tweaks, the foolishness of Jay Dikshit. Seemed so out of place. I think movies like this should come with a warning –


This is my state, I wonder what would be the reaction of people who paid 900 bucks to watch movie in IMAX. Lol

These are only the few of many put down of the movie. Recently Yash Raj had asked ‘All India Bakchod’ you tube channel to take down the video of Dhoom 3 Parody. AIB came back with hilarious reply to them with a song so relevant and funny. I wish Yash Raj knew they were making the parody of Fast and Furious with a 172 minutes movie. You can clam your mind by watching this video

AIB’s Humble Plea To Bollywood

Please leave behind your take on the movie in comments.

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