From the book of unknown

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A kiss of love,
The love to embrace,
A moment of life,
Never to pass by

The hug of affection,
The affection with gratitude,
The warmth of your arm,
Be for my life

Those quite moments,
That spoke a million feelings
And when we depart,
Wishing one more moment we could be together

The sunset by the beach,
The dim lit sky at night,
The wild breeze in the forest,
The intoxicating love of your kiss

The greed of world may
Keep you miles away from me,
But I’m not afraid

For Love is eternal,
Restrictions are many,
Distance is inevitable,
But who can distance you from my thoughts!

Who can interrupt me
when I think about you,
When I kiss you,
When I hug you,

I think about you
till I fall asleep,
And then,
Dream about you

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