In Times of Failure

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Each one of us is prone to failure. The set backs that often throw your happiness out of the window. Those are the times when loneliness takes toll on you, disturbing your peace of mind. You feel lost and directionless. You start believing that everything on the face of earth has turned against you, trying to put you down. Your confidence disappears into thin air, your self-esteem goes down the drain. Its time when you start doubting your guts. The trust you had in others and yourself becomes void.

What you fail to understand is failures are testing times. What you don’t realize is there are no problems without a solution. There is no going up without going down. All you need to do is hold yourself together and face whatever comes.

The purpose of life is not only to grow, but to grow wiser. Here are a few points I’ve summarized to do when you hit low. Hope they would help you to get through the difficult times in life. Please feel free to add to the bucket list if I’ve missed out on something.

1. Failures are temporary

Your life is a maze. The beauty of life is that it is full of surprises. Failures are part of it. May be by your doing or fate, failures would haunt your life. Irrespective of how old or young, wealthy or poor, male or female, you’ll have your share of failures. FACE IT. Let not these failure suck your blood out of you. Stand for what you believe in. Most essentially keep faith in yourself. Some day when you learn to make pots out of the dirty mud that you fell into, nothing will stop you.

2. Don’t go public with your emotions

One thing you would always notice is social networks are flooded with negativity. If you think that letting everyone know that you are feeling low would help you, you are wrong! Keep your low times to yourself and people close to you. Don’t go out there updating status about how low you feel or how your fate has betrayed you. Don’t be sadist. Keep up your spirits up. If you really want to write something on a social network to clam yourself, write something positive. Your friends would be inspired and in return say something positive that would lift your spirits.

3. Go back in memories

The best way to hold yourself from breaking down is to go back to the happy times. May it a letter, photos, or conversations you had with your loved ones. This would temporally help you to take your mind off the things that are bothering you. Somewhere it would also give you inspiration and courage to stay strong. Go to your bookshelf. Pick a book that inspires you. Try figuring out how what you are reading would help you.

4. Know that you are not perfect, Be calm!

Often we question, Why Me? We ask this expecting that the failure wasn’t our mistake. We are wrong, accept that you are not perfect. Its completely alright to make a mistake. Have courage to correct them. Don’t panic or go haywire. Remain clam and figure out how you can make things right. If it asks for an apology, do it. Let not your ego stop you from confessing the mistakes you have done.

5. Don’t worry about what others are talking about you

In most of the societies failure is looked upon as a losers sign. If a student fails in exam it is assumed that he is dumb. There are often no questions asked about what is the reason for failure. Thus you must know that people know very less about you and even lesser about you. They talk by what they see and they see an incomplete picture. So don’t be bogged down when someone criticizes you. Buck up and accept they are right. Ignore if they are wrong.

Failures don’t last for long. They are just temporary set backs. Ones they pass by, they only make you more confident. Learn from your failures. Review what failure has taught you try learning what not to do in the future. Take responsibility and hence control on your life. As Dale Carnegie said

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”

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3 thoughts on “In Times of Failure

  1. How do I get over with the lowest phase of my life?

    Failures are temporary setback. During failure we often go low on our confidence and lose hope. I’ve summarized a few points on how to deal with failure: 1. Failures are temporary, they dont last long. 2. Don’t go public with your emotions, keep it to…

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