An Open Letter to God

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I’ve known you for years, probably more time than I’ve known my closest friends today. Yet I always wonder if you exist. If you were to what people believe in you for, probably we would be living in a complete non-violent and caring world. I ain’t blaming you! I just have a few unanswered questions.

I seldom see any place in entire world where you do not exist. I feel records have got it wrong; you are probably the biggest franchise in the world. Subway only has 39,000+ stores spread over 99 countries. You have existence in every possible country. I seriously feel Forbes would go bankrupt if pull up a survey on you. If we talk about revenues, you probably make profits in one year what it took 40 years for Apple Inc. to do. While Apple transformed the way people approached Mobile communication, I wonder what you did with the revenues you earned? How many poor people were fed or needy people were helped with the profits you made!

I don’t know why you have so many identities. If you were to be issued Social Security Number for each of your different identity. You’ll use up all the numbers issued to present United State Citizens. Isn’t that funny? You have so many names! So many religions! So many avatars! Yet everyone looks up when they need help. May be a few century from now we might see New World Order bring one government in entire world but when do we get to see New God Order, the One God for entire world.

I feel you are probably the best manager in this world. I propose you a plan. Why don’t you come down with each of your different identities and get into politics? You’ve the support and following no person on this earth would have. You would easily beat Narendra Modi by 98:2 in his own state. (Spare 2% for people like me.) So why not contest in election and regain the rule as you did thousands of years ago? And come to power and help every person in need! All these years all you’ve done is to place a fear of you in others. People are so scared of you that they feel you are the reason everything is happening in their life. Sometimes it’s so bad that they give the credit of their success to you and not their hard work and dedicated efforts, on the other hand they blame you for the wrong things happening to them and not realizing their mistakes.

I just request you to let us live our own lives. Let us be responsible for good and wrong things that happen to us. Whatever happens to us is all because of our deeds. Why take credit or blame for someone else?

P.S: I do not intend to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. This post is purely my point of view and does not intend to hurt anyone.

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