You Must Question these Crazy Questions!

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When we defy to accept the obvious, we often end up with crazy questions that haunt us. For all evil that exist on the earth there is no definite explanation for the questions. I have made the list of the questions found from various corners of internet! If you have an answer or explanation or an argument please leave behind your views in the comment. Please do not forget to mention the question number your argument is for.

  1. Why everyone driving faster than you are is an idiot, and one driving slower than you is a moron?
  2. Why the climate is always partly cloudy and never partly sunny?
  3. Is there word Dictionary in Dictionary?
  4. Why is that on calculator the number 5 has a dot on it?
  5. If ghost can cross walls, why don’t they fall through the floors?
  6. Can animals commit suicide?
  7. If doctor has heart attack while doing a surgery, would other doctors work on the patience or the doctor?
  8. When you dig a hole through on side to another side of the earth and jump into it, would you stay at the center of the earth due to gravity?
  9. If you are travelling to east, How far east do you have to travel far east before its west?
  10. Do the prison buses have Emergency Exit?
  11. When lighting strikes ocean why doesn’t all fishes die?
  12. If ambulance carrying a patients runs over someone, which patient would they save?
  13. Do you yawn when you are sleeping?
  14. Do we wake up first or open our eyes first?
  15. How do they handcuff an one armed man?
  16. If FBI like any of the English series breaks your door to get into your house! would they pay you for the door??
  17. Why do the books have empty pages at the end?
  18. Who does security check for airport security when they arrive for duty?
  19. Are children acting in ‘A’ rated movie allowed to watch the movie?
  20. Do boys schools have girls restroom? and vice verse!
  21. Why does round pizza come in square boxes?
  22. Can we cry underwater?
  23. Why are all the planets in Universe spherical in shape?
  24. If you own a piece of land! Do you own it till the center of the earth?
  25. I chameleon is in a room full of mirror, which color would it turn into?
  26. In libraries, is Bible kept in fiction or non fiction section?
  27. If no one buys the ticket for the movie do they still premier the movie?
  28. Where do people in Hell ask other people to go?
  29. Why is there light in the fridge but not in freezer?
  30. Doesn’t the lightning rod on the top of church show lack of faith?
  31. Who coined the phrase ‘coined the phrase’?
  32. How important should a person be before is said to be assassinated and not murdered?
  33. What is the other name for “Thesaurus”?
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