The Wind That Blew to the West

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It ain’t as good as it looks,
For life is not black and white,
There are shades of grey,
For no one to see

It ain’t a cake walk,
Happiness faked,
Sorrows buried,
All smile for show

The winter cold in summer
The loneliness in company imagined,
Lie alone for challenges to face
The hues that saturate life

No one would understand,
It is no man’s land,
For it is how it has been
For how it would be

No wait, I am not a loner,
Optimistic may be,
May be more confident than I presume,
To be what I always wished to be

I hail the time that is killing me,
Walk an extra mile,
be insane if need be,
I have nothing to lose,
Yet there is world to conquer

The words are marked,
Dreams realized,
Their lies my destiny,
And I pursue with divine faith

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One thought on “The Wind That Blew to the West

  1. arun

    Gud to see a writer in u..And I guess its all abt u.. its ua faith in uaself dat makes d dif and dats d charm in it..(y)

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