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It has been a distressful time for a while. The jeopardy of treachery wrapped around me again. I seldom get affected by anything happening around me, but this time it was intense. It took a while to get back from the fall and dust it off. I say I am man of no emotions, but something did hurt. It hurt badly. Not because I was wounded, but I failed to help someone. This wasn’t the first time, nor would it be the last one. The fall happens, it takes away your peace of mind, leaving you nowhere. But when it’s all over, it teaches you a worthy lesson.

God’s been generous to me and life’s been easy. All that can make it difficult is my own doing. Owing to that I character myself as a person I love. It doesn’t matter what others think of me. I am at a stage of my life where I can do anything I want. So, I tend to be selfish introvert at times, an arrogant and ignorant person, all put together a self-obsessed being. Now why that? With all that has happened in the past I have come to a conclusion, what is said is not bound to be kept. So do not change for someone. Do not let someone deter the person you are. If they really do want to hang on to you, they’ll like you for the person you are, and over time you’ll change without noticing yourself.

With all this done and digested, I set on to another voyage. As they say, if you want to be happy, you’ll find a way to be. A question remains unanswered! Why did I write this blog?
Well, I had many a people saying, “It’s easier said than done”, when the turmoil of emotions had hit their head or should I say heart? And they couldn’t find a way out of it. I am not boasting myself, all I want to say is it can happen. It is evident it hurts, but at the end of the day you need to find a way to be happy. Because being unhappy doesn’t affect anyone, not even the person who hurt you nor it is going to make things as they were before. So pull you socks and find your peace of mind again.

Here is a list of things that make me happy, I had not realized it until recently, go through it if you do like it. Then make your own list, you’ll be surprised to know there are so many things you can do to be happy than to lie in your bed and worry.

1. Socialize

Get out there, meet new people. You never know how good a learning experience it can be. Being in Germany, it has been a boon for me. I joined a group recently, we have weekly meeting where you get to meet people from wide ethnicity and culture. From students to working professionals who stay in the city, coming from across the globe. The conversations so knowledgeable, the parties you never want to get out of and the travel that is just off the hook.

2. Pick up a new hobby

At times, you may be stuck doing the things that you always do. So get some fresh air. Find a new hobby or do something you always wanted to. Life is pretty short, if you do not do what you love now, you may end up never doing it. I have always loved photography, though I have an iPhone and it takes awesome pics, for years, approximately ten years now, I always wanted a DSLR. I finally stepped up and bought a Nikon D7100 and now I am having a fun time exploring and learning new things about photography. On the “holy shit” side, it’s been five days since Amazon delivered my camera, and the amount has not yet been deducted from my account.

3. Read and Write

Yeah! Just write what’s on your mind, in a book, on your cellphone or type into your laptop. It doesn’t matter who’s gonna read it, just write. I have dozens of notes in my cellphone, that I have written and no one is ever gonna read it. Write for it makes you feel good.
Go get a membership in library near you. Pick up some good novel and get back to habit of reading. I got a membership in central library, not only can I borrow books, since my friend is working at library I can borrow DVDs, the library has collection of over 1000 movies. Lucky me!

4. Keep a journal

Get a pocket sized book that you can take anywhere. Make sections into it, my journal has sections for “places I want to visit”, “stuff I want to own”, “things I need to do in one year”, “things I need to achieve in next five years” and “dreams”. You may section it the way you would like. I do like to know what more can be added above, do comment if there is something that you add in your journal.

5. Go for a Walk

Needless to say you need some time to calm yourself. Take a walk. I make sure I walk about 2km every day. Though I have been long wanting to start jogging and exercising, I am a lazy bum. Walking helps though, to get out of chores and to give sometime to myself.

6. Eat

While you always want to stay healthy, at times take a break. While you avoid going out much when you are distressed you tend to miss out on good food too. For me being hungry and dearth to eat my favorite food makes me drag my ass out of bed and go out. Needless to say that pretty girl who serves at the food joint.

7. Travel

There is no doubt that travel is fun. There are lot more places to explore than you ever thought. Gulp down Paris, Prague, Munich, Berlin or Zurich. The world is bigger than that, pack your bags and make an undecided and unplanned solo trip to any place the train takes you to. There is much more to explore than tall buildings and green mountains.

8. Dream a new dream

While all your planning came crashing down like dominos, its time you get back on your feet and reassess yourself. Remember the street always goes two ways, there is no one way street where there is a dead end. So is your life, if you failed to achieve one dream there is always room for another.

9. Be Positive

No matter how nicely you follow everything you write down. It would be of no use unless you have a positive attitude. Believing that every next person is gonna hurt you the way last one did is mere foolishness. Everyone is different, its time when you respect them as they are and not get into negative downfall of doubting everyone you come across. Keep faith that everything is going to be alright. Trust me most of the things that are not in your control happen just by believing in it, may it even be believing that the person who hurt you would come back to you. What is not in your control, there is no use of controlling it, let it go.

10. Move on!

You have a life, live it the way you want it. PERIOD

For all of us have faced this situation at least ones, I did love to know what you did to get back or if you need any kind of help. Please do leave behind a comment or mail me. I would love to listen from you and learn or help you in some way. Do share it, for it may help someone out there. Thank you.

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