In The Mind of A 23 Year Old

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If we rewind five years of life and from there look at what we thought we would achieve at age of 23, most of us would have nothing but broken dreams. Wanting to land a high paying job or being a successful entrepreneur, nothing really worked out.

Every now and then we crash into an older being who reminds us that the age of early 20’s is to take risk, not to be afraid and not to settle easily. We regard and appreciate the thoughts yet are frightened to follow up. We are afraid to go along the road not taken, because we are constantly reminded that it would not work out well. We agree to settle for less because its safe. All those success stories from Taylor Swift to Mark Zuckerberg seems to be unrelated. Many of us escape saying they were lucky. The sanity we had all our teenage life, “I will stand out one day”, is slowly fading into thin air.

Our facebook friends are all that we talk about as the number of real life friends has sorted down drastically, more so the close ones are only a few. There are no more college dorms or late night parties, all we have is loneliness we adore, drinking a glass of wine in an apartment that ones used to be a crashing place for our friends. We still go out to the parties one’s in a blue moon but we are afraid to look weird. We conduct and protect our image. Even slightest of gossip about us makes us furious and angry.

Meanwhile as we now look for someone to be our better half, we still ponder over the past relationships afraid to move on. The loneliness is killing us while we are too timid to open up to someone. Its dilemma that tears us apart. Drawing a fine line between being emotional and being practical is herculean task. To be emotional is not being matured and to be practical is being selfish and self-centric.

The hangover of being the man of honor, those imaginary interviews on how you came to accumulate a million dollars through the random idea that flashed to you or being on a front page of a newspaper, is now drawn out of us. All we wish now is a superior would agree, accept and acknowledge us.

We are close to our family than we were ever before. We start to take active participation in family affair and start taking responsibilities, realizing how important it is and how much we have ignored them all these years. We argue less and agree more, what our parents had told us in our teenage was actually valuable. At time we do regret that we had listened to them.

We were told, eventually everything will fall into place, but it doesn’t seem to work out that way. All the fancy degrees that we think we strive so hard for isn’t paying what we thought it was worth. Our patience is growing thin. We are skeptical about our decisions, thinking if we are on right path or leading into misery.

We feel we have reached the threshold, most of us are ready to settle for less giving security a high priority. A good pay and a secure future is all that we need. There are no big dreams, no more being a CEO of fortune 500 company or being having a groundbreaking start-up. Those who made it there are the elite one, the exemplary brains that we are not.

While a few other of us agree to disagree, we still believe age does not fade the probability of being successful. We are weird yet believe that there is a greater good in taking risk and stepping out of safe heaven. While failure is inevitable, the confidence that success would eventually make up for everything that has gone wrong keeps us going. We have curb our emotions to let us focus on our goals. Sure we failed to achieve what we set out for five years ago, but we would have not gotten even half way if we had not dreamed about it. It is time to raise the bar. Now that we are more realistic and resourceful than we were five years ago, it is much easier to set the goal and look beyond. There are no half measures in life, either you give in or opt out.

Are you at 23 or around? How is it to be 23 year old? I would love to hear your point of view! Please do comment! Share it if you like it.. :)

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