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While netflix is spreading its reach quickly outside United States, most of the countries still either do not have Netflix or the TV Series and Movies collection is very limited.While we all enjoy watching movies over various available options like solarmovies or movies4k, we still have to compromise on quality. This is where netflix works wonders, with decent internet speed you can watch HD picture quality. While all this is beautiful there is a catch! The trade off is you have to pay a hefty price, about $7.99 a month. Well the story ain’t over, you still can watch netflix free for at least for as many months as number of Credit/Debit Cards you own.

Step 1: Get your browser in place!

First you need to install a plugin called Hola, visit the website here and install the plugin. Ones you are done installing, you will see the Hola icon appear next to address bar.

install hola plugin

Hola icon in the browser

Visit netflix website and set browsing country to United States. You are half way through.

Step 2: Getting to Netflix subscription

Ones you are done with the Step 1, you are now able to access the website as if you are in United States. Now sign up for netflix with trial version and get to payment gateway. Set up your payment method and you are good to go. Login and you can now enjoy netflix.

If you are willing to pay $7.99 every month there ain’t anything you must do, the membership will auto renew. If not you will have to cancel the membership at least a day before the your trial month ends.

You can not use the same Credit/Debit card again to avail the trial period. So get another email ID, get your another Credit/Debit card out and set up another account. Thus you can watch netflix for as long as you exhaust all of your payment methods.

You already have netflix!

While you stay in the country that has netflix you still do not have access to a lot of content on netflix. For example I have netflix subscription from Germany, there is no House of Cards season 3, Supernatural, Lost et al. Now there is a lot I am missing out on!

All you need to do is to get the Hola plugin and set the country to USA and there you are.

Note: Please note that netflix is probably working towards curbing the access using VPN which violates the terms and conditions. So try it on your own risk.


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