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  • Don't Buy Into Puppy Mills

    A puppy is a best friend, a family member, and most importantly, a living breathing creature. Learn more about how to help shut down puppy mills, and bring a puppy .

  • The Humane Society of the United …

    Puppy mills contribute to pet overpopulation and cause countless dogs lifetimes of suffering in squalid wire cages. Help us stop this cycle of cruelty: Do your .

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  • No Puppy Mills Canada

    Information focused on educating the public about puppy mills and pet overpopulation in Canada and what it means to buy a puppy from a pet store or back yard breeder.

  • The Puppy Mill Project – About Puppy Mills

    About Puppy Mills. Puppy Mill Statistics. An estimated 167,388 breeding dogs are currently living in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-licensed .

  • The Puppy Mill Project – Amish Puppy Mills

    Many puppy mills and pet stores have started using the term “adopt” to mislead consumers – don’t be fooled. This picture was taken in Ohio Amish country.

  • STOP PUPPY MILLS , Animals Australia

    In many cases, from puppy mills. where their mother is locked in a barren cell, continually impregnated, and deprived of company, affection, exercise, and proper .

  • Puppy Mills , ASPCA

    A deep dive into the problems associated with puppy mills, and what’s being done to stop them.

  • A Closer Look at Puppy Mills , ASPCA

    Common Health Problems that Impact Puppy Mill Dogs. Illness and disease are common in dogs from puppy mills. Because puppy mill operators often fail to apply proper .

  • Puppy Mills: Resources , Best Friends Animal …

    Help for issues with adopted puppy mill dogs and how to stop puppy mills. CHOOSE A TOPIC BELOW FOR THE FULL LIST OF PUPPY MILL RESOURCES


    We here at PuppyMills.com intend to inform you the new puppy buyer of ways to protect yourself and insure that when you do buy your puppy that you are getting one .