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    It had been twelve years since he had visited his hometown, and he was excited to find it had received quite an urban transformation by way of new road construction .

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    The mathematics behind the Droste effect. This article uses jsMath which requires Java. Posted on 2008-12-26 21:20: A logarithmic image transformation

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    In physics, the Lorentz transformation (or transformations) are coordinate transformations between two coordinate frames that move at constant velocity relative to .

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    The transformation is stunning. . Staff Writer Joshua Brown shows off some of the video games, shown here in a warehouse, that will be available to play at DK .

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    Debbie Ford was a #1 New York Times best-selling author and an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation and human potential. Her .

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    Isothermal transformation diagrams (also known as time-temperature-transformation (TTT) diagrams) are plots of temperature versus time (usually on a logarithmic scale).

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    Background In the mid-1990s, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system initiated a systemwide reengineering to, among other things, improve its .

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    MSS Business Transformation Institute provides businesses the resources, expertise and thought leadership needed to successfully transform their business.

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    Transformation (or Transform if you failed English class) is the process by which a Transformer alters his or her form between modes. The term "transformation scheme .

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    We’re inviting you to take part in the first ever Online Transformation Summit and listen in to 23 of the world's top Transformation Experts on everything from .